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  • » Genetic control of husked nut weight in coconut (Cocos nucifera)
  • » Economics of soil moisture conservation in coconut lands using coconut husks and coir dust
  • » On some hyperparasites of opisina arenosella the black-headed caterpillar pest of coconut in Malabar, India
  • » Effectiveness of used engine oil in the management of coconut mite, Aceria guerreronis (Acari:Eriophyidae)
  • » Reduction of experimental error in coconut with adjustment by an integrated index developed through principal component analysis using vegetative and reproductive characters
  • » Improvement of seedling quality in polybags through manipulation of potting media
  • » The brown dwarf. a recent addition to the varieties and forms of the coconut palm grown in Sri Lanka
  • » Vegetative reproductive ad physiological changes in coconut palms affected by coconut rapid decline
  • » A study in Kuliyapitiya to ascertain public awareness of the lipid composition of edible coconut kernel products and their effect on health
  • » Preparation of a ready to use coconut Cum spices paste for chicken curry and evaluation of its physico -chemical and storage properties
  • » Copra drying in an improved solar dybrid system, CRI improved kiln and in the sun. a comparative study of drying characteristics
  • » Persuasive extension program for coconut growers -a performance evaluation in Kurunegala district
  • » Some studies on the use of Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch.) Sor. for the control of Oryctes rhinoceros in Sri Lanka
  • » A rapid method for population assessment of the coconut Eriophyid mite, Aceria guerreronis keifer (Eriophyidae : Acari)
  • » Coir fibre pith as a ground cover in coconut plantations of Andigama shallow soils in Sri Lanka . an ex-post financial analysis
  • » Approach to screen coconut varieties for high temperature tolerance by in-vitro pollen germination
  • » An assessment of labour availability in major coconut growing areas in coconut triangle
  • » Phosphorus status of major coconut growing soils of Sri Lanka on the performance of pueraria phaseoloides
  • » Varietal classification of New Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) forms identified from southern Sri Lanka
  • » Impact of Glyphosate on weed biomass and growth of coconut seedlings in nurseries
  • » A case study on physiology-based drought screening of coconut with selected accessions
  • » A comparative study of water movement in leaf scorch decline affected and healthy coconut palms using lithum as a non-radioactive tracer
  • » Available soil phosphorus in coconut platations in boralu and pallama soil series, under different fertilizer regimes in Gampaha district of Sri Lanka
  • » A preliminary study on immature nutfall of coconut with reference to pest damage
  • » Photosynthetic assimilation, carbohydrates in vegetative organs and carbon removal in nut-producing and sap-producing coconut palms
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