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  • » De Kleine Bijenkastkever
  • » Challenges to Effective Interaction in the New Zealand Agricultural Research and Extension System: An Innovation Systems Analysis
  • » Seasonal migration of the starry smooth-hound shark Mustelus asterias as revealed from tag-recapture data of an angler-led tagging programme
  • » Inclusiveness in Public-Private Partnerships: NGO Views and Strategies
  • » Considering change: Evaluating four years of participatory experimentation with farmers in Tigray (Ethiopia) highlighting both functional and human–social aspects.
  • » Maatschappelijk draagvlak voor natuur en natuur beleid
  • » Legitimatie van de nevengeulvoor de Waal langs Varik
  • » Compost for soil application and compost for growing media
  • » Legitimatie van de nevengeulvoor de Waal langs Varik
  • » Surface-Layer Similarity Functions for Dissipation Rate and Structure Parameters of Temperature and Humidity Based on Eleven Field Experiments
  • » Potato breeding in the Netherlands: successful collaboration between farmers and commercial breeders
  • » Sound exposure changes European seabass behaviour in a large outdoor floating pen: Effects of temporal structure and a ramp-up procedure
  • » PowerPoint Slides as Speaking Notes: The Influence of Speaking Anxiety on the Use of Text on Slides
  • » Understanding and governing the peri-urban: some critical reflections
  • » Population genetic structure, abundance and health status of two dominant benthic species in the Saba Bank National Park, Caribbean Netherlands: Montastraea cavernosa and Xestospongia muta
  • » Applying weather index insurance to agricultural pest and disease risks
  • » Ecological Intensification: Local Innovation to Address Global Challenges
  • » Brewing with fractionated barley
  • » What does it mean to teach ‘interpretively’?
  • » Profit analysis in animal product supply chains
  • » In vitro fermentation and immunomodulating characteristics of dietary fibres
  • » Construction and Application of Newcastle Disease Virus-Based Vector Vaccines
  • » Can Immune Response Mechanisms Explain the Fecal Shedding Patterns of Cattle Infected with Mycobacterium avium Subspecies paratuberculosis?
  • » Ethiopian soil laboratory infrastructure
  • » Landing sites and diel activity in Culicoides midges attacking Fjord horses in the Netherlands
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