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Effects of Lemuru Oil and ZnSO4 Supplementation in the Diet Consisted of Cacao Pod Silage and Urea on Zinc Absorption and Growth of Calves


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Title Statement Effects of Lemuru Oil and ZnSO4 Supplementation in the Diet Consisted of Cacao Pod Silage and Urea on Zinc Absorption and Growth of Calves
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Summary, etc. <p>An experiment conducted to study the effect on Zinc, prostaglandin-E<sub>2</sub> (PGE<sub>2</sub>) concentaration, alkaline phosphatase activities (APA) in the growth of bull calves fed cocoa pod silage diet supplemented with lemuru oil (LO) and ZnSO<sub>4</sub>. The animals were randomly assigned into three group of treatments, i.e.:supplementation of  0, 25, 50 and 75 mg kg <sup>-1</sup> diet ZnSO<sub>4 </sub>and 0, 1.5 and 3% kg <sup>-1 </sup>diet LO. Basal diet consisted of cocoa pod silage and concentrate consists of wheat bran, cassava waste, soya bean meal in the ratio 1:3 which contained 70% Total Digestible Nitrient (TDN) and 16% CP as prescribed by NRC (1988). The diet was the supplemented  with 1% urea. LO and ZnSO<sub>4</sub> supplementation in the diet was significantly increased Zinc absorption (P&lt;0.01) as well as increased PGE<sub>2</sub> concretation (P&lt;0.14) in the growth of bull calves. Relationship of the rate of apparent Zinc Absorption (Va, mg.d<sup>-1</sup>) with the rate Zinc intake (Va, mg.d<sup>-1</sup>), PGE<sub>2</sub> concentration (mg.L<sup>-1</sup>) and Vi interaction for the level of 0, 1,5 and 3% LO supplementation were: Va (0) = -5.69 + 0.976 Vi + 1.98 PGE<sub>2</sub> – 0.0855 Vi PGE<sub>2</sub>;  Va (1.5) = -2.6 + 0.962 Vi – 14.3 PGE<sub>2</sub> + 0.435 Vi PGE<sub>2</sub> and Va (3) = -5.69 + 1.03 Vi  -  0.394 PGE<sub>2 </sub>+ 0.125 Vi PGE<sub>2</sub>. Level of LO supplementation was significantly linier increased (P&lt;0.01) in serum of APA. Relationships of Zinc absorption with APA for the level of 0, 1.5 and 3% LO supplementation was significantly (P&lt;0.01) increased by the following equations: APA (0) = 3.90569 – 0.0204 Va;  APA (1.5) = 3.61119 – 0.0167 Va and APA (3) = 4.18421 – 0.0199 Va. The average daily gain of the animals (ADG, kg) could by state as ADG = 0.603 + 0.00025 Zn + 0.00004 Zn<sup>2</sup> + 0.113 LO – 0.0275 LO<sup>2</sup> + 0.00002 Zn LO – 0.00001 Zn<sup>2</sup> LO<sup>2</sup> (R<sup>2</sup> = 0.653; Sb = 0.0926). It can be concluded that supplementation of LO or ZnSO<sub>4</sub> in the diet can increased Zinc absorption in the growth of bull calves with their average daily gain was higher at 1.5% LO and 75 mg ZnSO<sub>4 </sub>kg<sup>-1</sup> diet than other levels. (Animal Production 10(1): 50-54 (2008)</p> <p> </p> <strong>Key Words:</strong> Absorption, zinc,  prostaglandin-E2, phosphatase alkaline, calves
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Data Source Entry ANIMAL PRODUCTION; Vol 10, No 1 (2008)
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